Thursday, May 29, 2014

Turn It Up Thursday

Hey World!!! Since we didn't have it on Tuesday, today we will "Turn It Up". That's right. Today is "Turn It Up" Thursday.

The choice I have today is a group I have been listening to for a few years. They are called The Bangerz(aka The Fingerbangerz). They are a group of six DJ/Producers from the Bay Area of California. You probably heard their music before if you ever watched a Jabbawockeez performance after they won ABDC. Now usually I describe the artist/group's music, but this time I think it will be better if you just listen and experience it. Ladies and Gents, here are The Bangerz.

Hope you enjoyed The Bangerz like I did. If there is an artist or group you think I should listen to, leave a comment and let me know. Take care!!!

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