Friday, March 27, 2015

If I Could Meet The President

Yesterday in Birmingham was a big for the city. We had the honor of having Barack Obama come to B'ham. He was here not too long, but it was still the talk of the town. What did he mostly talk about? The UAB Blazer messing up his bracket. Hahaha I'm playing around, but he did mention that though. He mostly talked about making college more affordable for students and trying do something with the payday loan stores.

Sadly, I wasn't able to attend this event. I know that it would have been a chance of a lifetime to go and see him in person. Not too often does the POTUS comes to The Magic City. I wonder though. If he did ever come back to the city and I had a chance to meet him, what would I do?

This would be a chance I would never get to have again, so I would have to make it count. Would talk about how he should make a change for middle class people? How he should find a way to end racism? Maybe see what he can do to end what's going on over in the Middle East. All of these are good ideas, but I don't think I would do all of those. In fact, I would just want to hang out with the president.

Now before you say it's a bad idea, think about it. This is man is just like you and me. Yes, he is the leader of the free world, but that is just a title he holds. At the end of a day, he is a guy who has a family with similar problems like us. He still has a wife to honor and cherish. He has two daughters that he has to raise into young women. I think I could probably learn a couple of things from him.

I know would want to talk with him about  how it was for him as a kid, especially since was a mixed kid growing up. Since my future child will be mixed, I want to know how he was able to handle growing being different than everyone.

I would also ask him question about raising kids. Living in The White Houdr and raising two girls isn't easy I can bet on that, but I know he has been a great father to them both. I can only hope to be an awesome dad whenever I have any kids.

Besides all the asking of life questions, I would want to him explore the city I love the most. I want Obama to see Birmingham the way I see it as.

We would have to go to The J Cylde for a quick beer and burger. After that, we would take a trip to Reigions Field for a Barons game. I would also let meet some of my closest friends and family members, so they can be able to experience Barack in person as well.

There are many things I continue on with that I know it all would fit in one day. All I could say is that if the president comes back and needs someone to show him the city, I am your guy.

What would you do if you could meet the president for one day? I mean it can be anything.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Love of My Life

In life, it's really hard to try to find that right person for you. We always see in society what people say we should look for in a perfect partner. No matter if you are gay, straight, bi, or whatever, finding your soul mate can is difficult. Some people go their entire lives without finding the right one for them. I am lucky to say that I found my perfect match. Her name is Whitney, and she is my wife.

Now it would be easy for me to just that I love this woman and call it a day, but I can't just say that. There is so much I love about this woman. Like her personality to start. She is probably one of the nicest people I have ever known. It's very hard not to like her. She cares so much about her family and friends, and she always put other people before herself. Not only that but she is very funny and goofy. There are plenty times when I feel like I can't smile, and she will find someway to get a smile out of me.

Speaking of smiling, her has the most beautiful smile in the world. When she shows off her smile, it makes me just melt inside. Especially when she shows off her beautiful hazel eyes, I can get lost in them for days. I remember when we first started dating, and we would just look at each other for minutes. No words, but the looks said enough.

The most important reason why I love her so much is because she is my best friend. I know that I can always trust her when I need her the most. When I am having a bad day, she lifts me up. When I believe that I am not good enough, she lets me know that I can do anything. She is an angel to me in my life, and I cannot say how lucky I am to call her my wife.

Whitney, I want you to know that I love you to the moon and back. We have only just begun this thing called marriage, and I am so happy and honored to be going through this journey with you. We have our good and bad days, but at the end of it we will always have each other. I want you to know that I am your number one fan and I'm always happy to say that I'm your husband.

Love you baby girl!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Late July in Late March

Not too often do I write a review on a new product I find out in the world, but I felt like people should know about this. What could be so awesome that made me want to write a review on it? Well let tell you.

Whitney and I were out doing our normal grocery shopping yesterday(since Sunday is our shopping day). We went out to Target and got stuff to cook dinner for the week and everything else we were running low on at home. After we left Target, we went to Fresh Market to get some steaks and bacon. Whitney also decided to get some organic milk.

We walked up to the register area, and they had a little display out for some kind of tortilla chips. It was from a company named Late July and the flavor was "Bacon Habanero". I was thinking to myself that it sounded interesting, but I decided not to get it. I paused for a second and started to rethink it. I mean, if it has bacon it should be good, right? Why not! I get the bag.

We purchased our stuff(including the chips) and headed back to the car. I wanted to see how these tasted(plus I was kinda hungry), so I decided to open the bag in the car and give them a shot. Whitney wanted to try them out as well, so she got a chip as well. One word went through my mind when I had this, "WOW!!" These were done so well. The flavor of the bacon was the first taste that popped out. It had such an great smokiness to it that it made smile from ear to ear. At the of the chip, you get the heat from the habanero. It was like punch you in the mouth hot, but it was enough to let you know that it was there.

I never thought that tortilla chips could be good like this. I usually eat the regular one from Tostitos all the time, and they never had any kind of flavor to them. These from Late July were different. I decided to read the bag to see what was really up with them. They were made from organic yellow corn, no trans fat, no artifical flavors. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is, "They are good for ya." Then I saw that part of the proceeds from every bag they sell good to a good cause. Not only are they good for you, but you are doing a good deed.

I was really happy to have gotten this bag, but I was sad that I only got one bag of it though. Whitney was feeling the same way, so we decided to go back and get two more bags of it. Don't judge me!! I will tell you this though. If you see these in your area, get them. They are worth it.

Now let it be known that these are my words. I did not get paid for this or get any kind of perks from this perks. The only perk I got was that I found a new chip to enjoy.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


When you see "BYOB" what is the first thing you think? Maybe you see this for parties when they say "Bring Your Own Beverage", or it could be "Bring Your Own Beer". Maybe it could be a title of a book called "Build Your Own Biography". Even though all of these are good ideas, that is not what I am talking about today. In fact there's actually another word you can put next to it. That word is "Rocks!" Okay let me explain.

Yesterday after work, I was hungry. I had breakfast, but I needed to get something to tame my stomach. I was looking around for places to eat when I remembered about a new burger place that opened up in the Lakeview area. No, I am not talking about Jack Brown's. This place is called BYOB Rocks. BYOB stands for "Build Your Own Burger". I decided I'm always willing to try a new place, so why not this time.

I walk into the restaurant, and it's not too big of a place. When you walk in, you might actually think it more of a bar than a restaurant. None the less, I got a seat next to the bar. I sat down at the bar to see about getting food. Sadly, they stop food service at 2p. I wasn't upset. I just decided to get a nice beer to enjoy. Roll that beautiful Trim Tab footage.

Once at the beer, I looked around saw all the photos of different bands and musicians. You could feel like whoever ran the business was a music lover(I am happy to see that). Also when you sat the bar, you will notice the line of pennies that are across it. No, you cannot pick one up to use. They were all under the glass. I thought that was pretty cool way to decorate.

Now at this point I should have left and came back another time after one beer, right? Nope! Not me. I decided to get another beer while I was there. During the time I was enjoying my second brew(BTW, it was the Straight to Ale Rocket City Red), the cook came back from his lunch break. Now I know how it can be to have an order once you come back from lunch, so I was gonna wait until 5p and get some grub. The people there were nice enough to go ahead and let me get something then. It was 4p. I was very appreciative of that.

I knew that I was gonna have dinner with Whitney tonight, so I didn't want to get anything to big. I decided that some chili cheese fries would be good for now. Let me tell you. Those chili cheese fries hit the spot.

The cheese was melted just right and the homemade chili that came with it made me smile(both on my face and in my heart). I hardly can find some good chili cheese fries around, but I think i found a good place that has some. Not long into my fries, my brother called and said he was near me. He came in and had a couple of beers with me. After that I decided to head home, but I would return. Like I would return later that evening with Whitney for dinner. She had to try this place out.

So after a quick change of clothes, both Whitney and I head back to BYOB Rocks to get some burgers. We sat down in the same area I was at originally. We ordered our drinks. She got a Sprite, and I enjoyed a nice Gentleman Jack and Coke.

So we decided to get starter of chili cheese fries. Two times in one day? Yes please! Still good as before.

Then we finally got into the reason I came back. We got our burgers. Now when you order you can choose from some of their specialty burgers, or you can BYOB(see what I did there). We both decided to get one of the special burgers. Whitney got a burger called "The Cheese Broker" It had bacon, pimento, dill pickles, and a rosemary aioli. I got Mastodon, which had two burgers with bacon, cheddar, onion rings, jalapeƱos, and their homemade chili on it. Now I got mine with out the onions rings and jalapeƱos. I think I made the right decision on that.

I never thought having chili on a burger could be soo good, but it was. The only problem I had with it was the bacon was crispy. I like my bacon a little on the fatty side, but I was not gonna complain about something like that. Fair warning though. If you get the Mastodon, get a napkin because it will be messy.

I am so happy to have gone to this place. The place is cool to be at, and the people there are awesome to chat with. If you are around the Lakeview district and need a new burger place to eat at, try them out. Just don't bring your drinks. They might toss you out. :-)

BYOB Rocks is located across the street from Slice Pizza and Brewhouse. They serve lunch from 11a-2p and then serve dinner from 5p-10p. More info at

Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekend Off!!

Something that hardly ever happens is going to happen this weekend. I will have the weekend off from work. With this weekend having so many events coming up, I want to inform you of some stuff you might see me at.

Trim Tab's First Year Anniversary Celebration

I know, right? It seems like they have been on for longer, but it has been one full year for this new brewery. The celebration actually starts today, and there will be lots of things to do. Everything from having tour around the brewery to eat delicious food from Cantina Food Truck to have some special brews for the special occasion. It's a two day event(Friday and Saturday), so make sure to by and tell them congrats on a year of success.


This is an event I have been waiting for since I first heard about it. The Alabama Brewers Guild will be hosting the Eat Drink Birmingham event on Saturday March 14 from 2-6p over in the SoHo Square in Homewood. This event will have some of Birmingham's best restaurants pairing their foods with some of Alabama best breweries. There will be a collaboration beer, St. Stephen's Stout, that will be available that day. Tickets are still available, but they are almost out. Go to for more info and to purchase your ticket.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Of course you know you can't celebrate St. Patrick's Day without having a parade. This will be the 31st time they have done this parade, and it has always been a fun time. There will be bagpipes, men in kilts, and the luck of the Irish all around Five Points South. The parade starts at 1:30p, but there will be food stuff to do around Five Points start at 11a. Make sure you get there early because there will be a lot of people around.

There are so many things going on this weekend. Make sure you have fun, be safe, and(if you are 21 and over), PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE.

Have an awesome weekend!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Get Over It

I have been sitting here for a while really trying to find the right words to come out and say. I want to come and say something important, but I'm drawing blanks. I want to say something moving, but I'm getting nothing. My mind has millions of things bouncing around, but I cannot form the right sentences. You are probably wondering why I am having a hard time talking today. Well it's because of three little words, "Get Over It".

I have been hearing or seeing these words coming from people about how racism isn't really a thing now. I've been reading comments from articles with people saying that we should just get over it and move on with our lives. People still think to this day that racism isn't a thing. People think that racism is dead, and we should get over it. To these people, I have one word to say. REALLY?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!

For people to say that racism isn't a big thing anymore is to say that childhood obesity isn't a problem. Racism might not be as big of a problem like how it was about 50yrs ago, but it's still a situation that people go through in this country. Racism might be in a neighborhood near you, but some people go through this in a every day situation.

If racism isn't a problem, then why did the fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon do what they did? Oh, you haven't heard about this? This chapter of SAE from the University of Oklahoma, mostly white males, decided it would be a good idea to start a racist chant and record it. I won't post the video on this blog, but the following is part of what the chant said:

"There will never be a n----r at SAE."

Now, it wasn't just one or two guys saying this chant. It sounded like, to me, about 10+ guys saying it out loud on a bus. What made it worse was they record this, but yet people say that racism is over. :-/

People need to understand that this video isn't just the problem. The fact that people want to continue believing that racism isn't a problem IS the problem. Whenever something like this happens, some people want to turn their head and make it seem like it's not happening. New flash folks, it's happening!

The good news about situations like this is that people are trying to make change. Not just black people but EVERYONE. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, EVERYONE!! People understand when they see hate or hateful things, and they don't want to be around that. We all must come together as one to let people know that things like this is wrong and hurtful.

I want to say that I am glad I associate myself with people of all different strokes of life, and we all love and respect one another. I hope that this love will continue on, so when my kids grow up they will not have to worry about ever seeing this in their life time. We must stand together and let people know that racism is still around and that it's not allowed anywhere at any time. Make a stand to spread peace and respect. DON'T GET OVER IT!!!

Now I want to say that I am sorry that this post isn't your usual positive and happy one from me, but I am not sorry for speaking my mind on a situation that I feel that needs to be talked about more. If you are reading this post, please don't stop the conversation here. Continue to spread the word and let's try to end racism in this world we live in. Much love and respect to you ALL!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's Going On With Ralph?

Hey. Long time, huh? I know, I know. I'm sorry. I have a very valid reason why I was gone for so long. I have been busy with work and also working on this blog. You like the new look of the place. I actually look like a legit blogger. Not saying I wasn't before, but I feel like this new look is gonna work for me now.

With this new look comes some new things I have working out for the place. I am in the works on getting other bloggers to come around every so often and do some guest post. I have one who is from London. I know, right? London!!!! I'm also planning on some guest post of my own for other folks.

Now with all the good things that is going on here on the blog, I have been having some hard times in the real world. Trying to get things together with work and trying to find my true calling as well. You probably wondering what I mean by that. Well I have been wondering what I am truly passionate about. I have lots of things that I like or like to do, but I didn't think I had anything that I was truly passionate about.

Well rewind to this past Monday when I had a talk with Whitney, and I was thinking about the future. I was worrying about what kind of job I would like to do after I leave John's(whenever it may happen). Don't get me wrong, I like to work there and have learned so much(not only about the business but also about myself). My only thing is I'm not planning on making it my life job. So what would be next? Where do I go from there.

I was trying to think of all the different kind of jobs I could do, but I didn't find anything that would fit me. Then I had a moment. I thought about me talking about Birmingham to everyone I could and how happy I get about. I get excited when I talk about a certain event that goes around or even when a new place opens. That's it! I found what I'm passionate about. Birmingham is my passion.

Everything about this city is changing for the better, and I want to let people know about this. I now know what I want to do after I leave John's. I want to have some kind of job to where I can write, talk, or help promote the city to its fullest. I think I am good at doing things like that, and it would make perfect sense to me.

So yea. That's all thats been going on in my life as of now. I'm hoping that everyone continues to have a great week(even with the horrible weather here in Birmingham).
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