Monday, March 23, 2015

Late July in Late March

Not too often do I write a review on a new product I find out in the world, but I felt like people should know about this. What could be so awesome that made me want to write a review on it? Well let tell you.

Whitney and I were out doing our normal grocery shopping yesterday(since Sunday is our shopping day). We went out to Target and got stuff to cook dinner for the week and everything else we were running low on at home. After we left Target, we went to Fresh Market to get some steaks and bacon. Whitney also decided to get some organic milk.

We walked up to the register area, and they had a little display out for some kind of tortilla chips. It was from a company named Late July and the flavor was "Bacon Habanero". I was thinking to myself that it sounded interesting, but I decided not to get it. I paused for a second and started to rethink it. I mean, if it has bacon it should be good, right? Why not! I get the bag.

We purchased our stuff(including the chips) and headed back to the car. I wanted to see how these tasted(plus I was kinda hungry), so I decided to open the bag in the car and give them a shot. Whitney wanted to try them out as well, so she got a chip as well. One word went through my mind when I had this, "WOW!!" These were done so well. The flavor of the bacon was the first taste that popped out. It had such an great smokiness to it that it made smile from ear to ear. At the of the chip, you get the heat from the habanero. It was like punch you in the mouth hot, but it was enough to let you know that it was there.

I never thought that tortilla chips could be good like this. I usually eat the regular one from Tostitos all the time, and they never had any kind of flavor to them. These from Late July were different. I decided to read the bag to see what was really up with them. They were made from organic yellow corn, no trans fat, no artifical flavors. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is, "They are good for ya." Then I saw that part of the proceeds from every bag they sell good to a good cause. Not only are they good for you, but you are doing a good deed.

I was really happy to have gotten this bag, but I was sad that I only got one bag of it though. Whitney was feeling the same way, so we decided to go back and get two more bags of it. Don't judge me!! I will tell you this though. If you see these in your area, get them. They are worth it.

Now let it be known that these are my words. I did not get paid for this or get any kind of perks from this perks. The only perk I got was that I found a new chip to enjoy.


  1. Ive never seen these - they probably don't have them in Canada though as I find when Im in the US visiting accounts everything is so different in Kroger and such. However, I have been craving loaded nachos all NCAA long - and your bar food posts are totally making me want them more and more!

  2. I do love when I find something new and delicious!


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