Friday, March 27, 2015

If I Could Meet The President

Yesterday in Birmingham was a big for the city. We had the honor of having Barack Obama come to B'ham. He was here not too long, but it was still the talk of the town. What did he mostly talk about? The UAB Blazer messing up his bracket. Hahaha I'm playing around, but he did mention that though. He mostly talked about making college more affordable for students and trying do something with the payday loan stores.

Sadly, I wasn't able to attend this event. I know that it would have been a chance of a lifetime to go and see him in person. Not too often does the POTUS comes to The Magic City. I wonder though. If he did ever come back to the city and I had a chance to meet him, what would I do?

This would be a chance I would never get to have again, so I would have to make it count. Would talk about how he should make a change for middle class people? How he should find a way to end racism? Maybe see what he can do to end what's going on over in the Middle East. All of these are good ideas, but I don't think I would do all of those. In fact, I would just want to hang out with the president.

Now before you say it's a bad idea, think about it. This is man is just like you and me. Yes, he is the leader of the free world, but that is just a title he holds. At the end of a day, he is a guy who has a family with similar problems like us. He still has a wife to honor and cherish. He has two daughters that he has to raise into young women. I think I could probably learn a couple of things from him.

I know would want to talk with him about  how it was for him as a kid, especially since was a mixed kid growing up. Since my future child will be mixed, I want to know how he was able to handle growing being different than everyone.

I would also ask him question about raising kids. Living in The White Houdr and raising two girls isn't easy I can bet on that, but I know he has been a great father to them both. I can only hope to be an awesome dad whenever I have any kids.

Besides all the asking of life questions, I would want to him explore the city I love the most. I want Obama to see Birmingham the way I see it as.

We would have to go to The J Cylde for a quick beer and burger. After that, we would take a trip to Reigions Field for a Barons game. I would also let meet some of my closest friends and family members, so they can be able to experience Barack in person as well.

There are many things I continue on with that I know it all would fit in one day. All I could say is that if the president comes back and needs someone to show him the city, I am your guy.

What would you do if you could meet the president for one day? I mean it can be anything.

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  1. If I met the president, Id probably joke around with him SNL or Two Ferns style and ask him who his fave person is to impersonate him. Of course id talk ball trash with him, and impress him with my Swahili (I don't even know if he speaks it, but with his father coming from Kenya maybe he does).

    I don't even know if he as visited Vancity before, but the Royal family comes here and skis in whistler lots. Trump is always in town too, and a lot of famous people since like every other movie is made in Vancouver. Its always so easy to run into famous people here.


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