Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Get Over It

I have been sitting here for a while really trying to find the right words to come out and say. I want to come and say something important, but I'm drawing blanks. I want to say something moving, but I'm getting nothing. My mind has millions of things bouncing around, but I cannot form the right sentences. You are probably wondering why I am having a hard time talking today. Well it's because of three little words, "Get Over It".

I have been hearing or seeing these words coming from people about how racism isn't really a thing now. I've been reading comments from articles with people saying that we should just get over it and move on with our lives. People still think to this day that racism isn't a thing. People think that racism is dead, and we should get over it. To these people, I have one word to say. REALLY?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!

For people to say that racism isn't a big thing anymore is to say that childhood obesity isn't a problem. Racism might not be as big of a problem like how it was about 50yrs ago, but it's still a situation that people go through in this country. Racism might be in a neighborhood near you, but some people go through this in a every day situation.

If racism isn't a problem, then why did the fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon do what they did? Oh, you haven't heard about this? This chapter of SAE from the University of Oklahoma, mostly white males, decided it would be a good idea to start a racist chant and record it. I won't post the video on this blog, but the following is part of what the chant said:

"There will never be a n----r at SAE."

Now, it wasn't just one or two guys saying this chant. It sounded like, to me, about 10+ guys saying it out loud on a bus. What made it worse was they record this, but yet people say that racism is over. :-/

People need to understand that this video isn't just the problem. The fact that people want to continue believing that racism isn't a problem IS the problem. Whenever something like this happens, some people want to turn their head and make it seem like it's not happening. New flash folks, it's happening!

The good news about situations like this is that people are trying to make change. Not just black people but EVERYONE. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, EVERYONE!! People understand when they see hate or hateful things, and they don't want to be around that. We all must come together as one to let people know that things like this is wrong and hurtful.

I want to say that I am glad I associate myself with people of all different strokes of life, and we all love and respect one another. I hope that this love will continue on, so when my kids grow up they will not have to worry about ever seeing this in their life time. We must stand together and let people know that racism is still around and that it's not allowed anywhere at any time. Make a stand to spread peace and respect. DON'T GET OVER IT!!!

Now I want to say that I am sorry that this post isn't your usual positive and happy one from me, but I am not sorry for speaking my mind on a situation that I feel that needs to be talked about more. If you are reading this post, please don't stop the conversation here. Continue to spread the word and let's try to end racism in this world we live in. Much love and respect to you ALL!!!


  1. Preach brother! So when you told me about this last night I was so grossed out for many reasons. These aren't some Uneducated American History boys down South that were raised that way. These are educated university students. The sad thing is how easy some people can be brainwashed into racism. It reminds me of Higher Learning. You know that white guy that just wants to fit in, and after some bad incidents and racist peer pressure he goes postal. But the thing is that everyone on that bus succumbed to racism, and no one stood up to say this ain't right (atleast from what I saw). If I was on that bus, I would've got off immediately as I can't stand to be around hatred and ignorance like that. I'm so glad that this did go viral though as now they have to face the wrath of their actions and be shamed by the real world.

    1. That is very true. The bad part about this is there are probably multiple times things like this happens and they aren't recorded

  2. Racism is still very much a huge problem in America and those who choose to ignore the fact is totally oblivious. Those SAE boys are really screwing it up for UofOklahoma to the point where prospective student athletes are de-committing (not sure if thats a real word but I heard it on SportsCenter) from the school and choosing to go elsewhere. I've lived in Oklahoma and more recently I've lived in Birmingham, AL too and trust me racism is very real.

    1. Yea. I'm just hoping that someday(VERY SOON) people will stop all the hating and racism can truly end.

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    1. Thanks!!! I was wondering if this got my message across, and I believe it did.


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