Thursday, March 19, 2015


When you see "BYOB" what is the first thing you think? Maybe you see this for parties when they say "Bring Your Own Beverage", or it could be "Bring Your Own Beer". Maybe it could be a title of a book called "Build Your Own Biography". Even though all of these are good ideas, that is not what I am talking about today. In fact there's actually another word you can put next to it. That word is "Rocks!" Okay let me explain.

Yesterday after work, I was hungry. I had breakfast, but I needed to get something to tame my stomach. I was looking around for places to eat when I remembered about a new burger place that opened up in the Lakeview area. No, I am not talking about Jack Brown's. This place is called BYOB Rocks. BYOB stands for "Build Your Own Burger". I decided I'm always willing to try a new place, so why not this time.

I walk into the restaurant, and it's not too big of a place. When you walk in, you might actually think it more of a bar than a restaurant. None the less, I got a seat next to the bar. I sat down at the bar to see about getting food. Sadly, they stop food service at 2p. I wasn't upset. I just decided to get a nice beer to enjoy. Roll that beautiful Trim Tab footage.

Once at the beer, I looked around saw all the photos of different bands and musicians. You could feel like whoever ran the business was a music lover(I am happy to see that). Also when you sat the bar, you will notice the line of pennies that are across it. No, you cannot pick one up to use. They were all under the glass. I thought that was pretty cool way to decorate.

Now at this point I should have left and came back another time after one beer, right? Nope! Not me. I decided to get another beer while I was there. During the time I was enjoying my second brew(BTW, it was the Straight to Ale Rocket City Red), the cook came back from his lunch break. Now I know how it can be to have an order once you come back from lunch, so I was gonna wait until 5p and get some grub. The people there were nice enough to go ahead and let me get something then. It was 4p. I was very appreciative of that.

I knew that I was gonna have dinner with Whitney tonight, so I didn't want to get anything to big. I decided that some chili cheese fries would be good for now. Let me tell you. Those chili cheese fries hit the spot.

The cheese was melted just right and the homemade chili that came with it made me smile(both on my face and in my heart). I hardly can find some good chili cheese fries around, but I think i found a good place that has some. Not long into my fries, my brother called and said he was near me. He came in and had a couple of beers with me. After that I decided to head home, but I would return. Like I would return later that evening with Whitney for dinner. She had to try this place out.

So after a quick change of clothes, both Whitney and I head back to BYOB Rocks to get some burgers. We sat down in the same area I was at originally. We ordered our drinks. She got a Sprite, and I enjoyed a nice Gentleman Jack and Coke.

So we decided to get starter of chili cheese fries. Two times in one day? Yes please! Still good as before.

Then we finally got into the reason I came back. We got our burgers. Now when you order you can choose from some of their specialty burgers, or you can BYOB(see what I did there). We both decided to get one of the special burgers. Whitney got a burger called "The Cheese Broker" It had bacon, pimento, dill pickles, and a rosemary aioli. I got Mastodon, which had two burgers with bacon, cheddar, onion rings, jalapeƱos, and their homemade chili on it. Now I got mine with out the onions rings and jalapeƱos. I think I made the right decision on that.

I never thought having chili on a burger could be soo good, but it was. The only problem I had with it was the bacon was crispy. I like my bacon a little on the fatty side, but I was not gonna complain about something like that. Fair warning though. If you get the Mastodon, get a napkin because it will be messy.

I am so happy to have gone to this place. The place is cool to be at, and the people there are awesome to chat with. If you are around the Lakeview district and need a new burger place to eat at, try them out. Just don't bring your drinks. They might toss you out. :-)

BYOB Rocks is located across the street from Slice Pizza and Brewhouse. They serve lunch from 11a-2p and then serve dinner from 5p-10p. More info at


  1. I love that you ate cheese fries twice in one day. THAT is the way to live life. I can't wait to try this place out -- looks awesome!!

  2. Damn. all this sports watching has e craving beers and sports food like burgers and nachos and wings. and maybe I might just create my own burger soon - extra hot sauce, blue cheese and avocados for me! On a turkey or veggie patty preferably.


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