Friday, December 26, 2014


If you know me well enough, you know that I am a huge craft beer fan. Like, for real, I am a BIG fan of it. I started to drink my first beer when I was 22yrs old, and I had a Good People Brown Ale. Well that's a lie. My actual for real first beer was when I was six. I snuck a sip of my great-grandfather's Bud. Let's say that it didn't end well. As soon as I tasted it, I spit it right back out. I thought I would never drink beer again. Then one night at J Clyde, I had Good People Brown. That pretty much changed the way I lived life forever.

Ever since that day, I have slowly learned more about the craft beer movement and different styles. I grown to love dark beers(porters, stouts, and some darker brown ales), but I also will get into some lighter color beers. As long as a beer is not too big on the hops and has something special about it, it will be on my top list. Now don't get me wrong. I will try all kind of craft beers. I just prefer some more than others.

 Southern Tier Choklat Stout

Back Forty Cuban Coffee Oatmeal Stout

With trying craft beers(at least for me), I have to take pictures of it. This way people can know what I am drinking, and they might be able to try some of the stuff themselves. With my Instagram account, I use it sometimes to display these beers. It has also helped me network with people in state and around the country. One of my proudest moments with being in the craft beer movement was that I won a contest sponsored by Brewershirts. I got a new shirts, glass, Brew Journal, and a little motorcycle made out of beer caps.

Thank You Brewershirts!!

Now with 2015 coming just around the corner, I plan to do much more in the craft beer community. I would love to start brewing my own beer. I have been wanting to do that for a while, but with the wedding and life coming first, I could not make time for it. 2015 will be a start of a new thing for me, and I can't wait to see what beers I can make. I also hope to do more reviews on this blog of some of the beers that I try out.

If you are a fan of craft beers, follow me on Instagram to see the new beer pics I post and also add me on Untappd to see what I rate certain beers.

As the people of Brewershirts would say, "Life is Short. Drink Good Beer."

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Been So Long

Wow. Never thought you would see me back on here, huh? Well, I am back(at least I hope). I feel like I am coming back home after years away on business work, but really I have been gone since life is crazy and challenging at times. What have I been doing as of late? Where did I go? Did I make a change in the world? Well, let me tell you all of this.

First off, I'M MARRIED!!!! Yes, it finally happened. On December 6, 2014, I married the love of my life. The ceremony was quick(seven minutes), and I never thought I would be crying soo much as I did that day. Being able to look into Whitney's eyes(by the way, she was STUNNING) and know that she was going to be my wife was such a awesome feeling. Everyone enjoyed the whole day, and I am so glad to know that we have so many people who support and love us. I will never forget that day.

Next thing I have been doing is drinking more. Now before you judge me, let me explain. I have been doing more drinking of craft beers. I feel like I have been drinking, but it's been the same usual stuff. Now, I am trying to broaden my range and trying different one. I got to say that there are many more styles of beer that I never thought I would like. I have taken so many pictures on my Instagram account(which if you are not following me you should), it's not even funny. I am really hoping to start brewing my own beer next year and let the world try my stuff.

Of course I have been working so much. John's has been such a good job for me, and I am glad that I have been able to bring joy and smiles to many different folks. I will not lie that it has been tough on me at times(especially now that I am married), but sometimes you have to do to make your family's life better. I feel that I have learned so much about the business and myself while working. I would not change anything about my experience.

I also have been working on my YouTube Channel. Now I am nowhere near where I want to be with it, but I feel that next year will be big for me and the channel. I have met so many new folks through vlogging, and I love that they are just real down to earth folks.

Other than those things, not much else has been going on. If you are reading this and you have stuck with me for this long, THANKS!! Life can be challenging at times, and I know that I have not been on here as much as I could have been. That will change as of TODAY. I plan on doing soo much for myself and my wifey that will change our lives for the better.

I hope that you enjoy your Christmas holiday. I know I will. Until the next time I talk with you, make everyday awesome.

Much Love!!!!
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