About Me

What's going on? My name is Rafael, but everyone calls me Ralph for short. I was born and raised here in Birmingham, AL, but you would never tell by the way I talk. No Southern accent here y'all. Okay. I do say y'all. ALOT!

I love this city!!!

Anyway, I am a beer loving, wrestling watching, music listening kind of guy that you can get to know and love quick. I can be shy at first, but I am really just a laid back kind of guy.

I am married to the love of my life. Here name is Whitney, but sometimes I call her "wifey". We have been together since 2010, and we never looked back.

Don't we look cute together?

This blog is pretty much a look into my life and what I do all around the city of Birmingham. There will be times I might even step out of the city to go somewhere. I talk about anything and everything that is and has gone on in my life. So grab a cold one, lay back in your comfy chair, and enjoy the ride with me.

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