Thursday, January 14, 2016

Favorite Bars

If you know me well enough, I like to have a couple of drinks here and there. No matter if it's a nice good beer or a well made cocktail, I like sit and enjoy a nice adult beverage. Most of the time I am enjoying some Woodford on the rocks or a craft beer from the comfort of my apartment. Then there are times when I like to go out to a local bar and enjoy it there. I want to let y'all to know about these places. Here are a couple of places I like to chill and relax with a nice drink.

The Collins Bar has been my go to cocktail bar for the last year now. I wasn't too sure of it at first because they didn't have a cocktail menu. After many trips, the place grew on to me. Like I said before, the place does not have a cocktail menu. This gives you the ability to choose what kind of drink you would like. Say if you want a drink similar to a Manhattan, but you want rum in it. They can make it for you. Want a really nice and fruity tiki drink? They got a drink for that. Not only do they have some really good drinks, but they also have some fun games to play while you are there. They even have food. So they have everything you could ever want.

Now before you say anything, I know that I work there. Thing about J Clyde is that I have been drinking there longer than I have been working there. This place is the best place in Birmingham to go to if you want to get some really nice craft beer. With over 60+ beers on draft from places all over the country(and some outside the country) and even more selections in bottles, you can definitely find a brew that is right for you. J Clyde also is a big supporter of local beers, so you will always find a good selection of beer from all over Alabama. Once you get a beer, you should get some amazing Fish and Chips or a juicy burger to go with it. Want to know what the best part about going to the J Clyde is? You might actually see me there working!! Even better, I might have a drink with ya if I'm not on the clock. :)

Now this place is kind of similar to how Collins. The only exception is that they do have a cocktail menu that usually changes each season. This place is still new to the downtown scene, but they have made some pretty good waves to start out. This place is pretty in size with lots of area to chill around. There is also a somewhat hidden that can be used as a private section if need be. The bartenders there are real laid back there and knowledgeable on their drinks. If you don't see a drink you want on the menu, they are more than willing to fix one for ya. I see big things for Tavern on 1st in 2016, so make sure to stop by there.

There are more places I could write about, but I think three places will be good for today. No matter if you live in Birmingham or not, what is your favorite places to enjoy a beer or cocktail?


  1. LOVE J. Clyde!! It has always been my beer stand-by! I have yet to check out Tavern on 1st! I'll have to get over there soon!

  2. I love J Clyde. It has been forever since I have been. We are talking maybe 2 years?! I haven't been to Tavern on 1st or Collins yet. I am behind the times with my old lady status.

  3. The Garage has always been a favorite, as well. I am curious to check out Tavern on 1st.


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