Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend of Fun

What's going on? Hope that the weekend was filled with lots of rest and even more time out in the beautiful weather for you. For me, I was able to do all of that and spend time with my fiance and make money.

It started off on Friday morning when I had the morning off from work. I relaxed and watched TV all morning. Once the clocked hit 11:30am, my fiance came home from work. She wasn't sick or anything like that. She just was able to get off from work early, so we decided to go out and have lunch together. I have been wanting to go to Ranelli's for a little while, and we finally decided to go(there will be a food review about this later). Then we decided to go to Railroad Park and get some NOLA Ice. It was my first time to try them out, and I am surprised I haven't had them before because it was so good.

On Saturday, it was not so event filled because we started inside pretty much most of the day. The only time we went out was to get something to eat. On this day, we decided to get Backyard Burger. These burgers taste just like the burger off from the grill. There is a location in Vestavia near Chuck E. Cheese, so make sure to stop by there and get a burger. You will not regret it.

If there's grease on the bag, you know it's good.

Now just to let you know that on both Friday and Saturday evening I had to work, so there was not much to talk about there. There is one thing I did on Saturday night that I am very surprised about. I finished a whole growler of Trim Tab "Pillar to Post" Rye Brown,which is pretty much three pints. I love that beer and was very good(if you catch my drift) after that.

This was filled with beer, but not anymore.

Sunday was pretty much the day of moving and doing stuff. To start off, the fiance and I had brunch at one of our new favorite places, Bottletree.

Start the day with Good People Snakehandler

It's very vegetarian friendly, but luckily they have stuff for people(like me) like to eat meat. I decided to get the Chicken and Waffles.

This was delicious!!

Whitney got "The Sombrero", and she loved it!!

The Sombrero

After some great brunch, we headed to Railroad Park for some sun and NOLA Ice. This time I was able to take pictures of our adventures.

 The Ross Boss

Mardi Gras King Cake

I got to say that the weekend I had was by far one of the best ones I had in a long time. Hopefully yours was just as fun as mine. Let me know what you did, and I will talk with all of you soon. Take care!!


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend. I definitely want to try NOLA Ice! Is that really King Cake flavored?!

    1. Well I have never had a King Cake, so I would not be able to tell you. I can tell you that I liked how it taste.

  2. I've always wanted to try NOLA ice. It looks as awesome as I'd imagined!

    1. You will love it. They will be at the Alys Stephens Center on Thursday night and also on Saturday at Barber's for the Food Truck Rally.

  3. I am blog stalking today...I got behind in my readings this week! I haven't been to railroad park in quite awhile...haven't heard of NOLA Ice but now I totally want to try it!! I didn't know there was a Backyard Burgers in the area....that sounds wonderful right now! Sounds like a fun weekend.


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