Friday, May 9, 2014

Light Up The Night

You know what today is. IT'S FRIDAY, but before we get to enjoy the weekend(or as much as we can with the rain coming in) I want to tell you about what my fiance and me did last night. Let's say we was able to bring some light into the dark night.

First off, we went to the Piggly Wiggly in Homewood to do our usual beer tasting. This time they had some different kind of ciders. Now if you know me, I am not the biggest fan of these at all. They are usually too sweet for me and taste like spiked apple juice. Well these were different. They had Traveler Beer Company(we got a six pack of the Curious Shandy) and Angry Orchard for the taste, and I have to say that they were good to drink. Now would it be a first choice for me? Probably not, but if it's there at a party I would actually get it.

After the beer tasting, we went to Avondale for some food. We decided to try Post Office Pies for the first time. It's right between Avondale Brewery and Saw's Soul Kitchen. It was very busy there but the service was fast. We both good drinks to go with our food. I got Avondale Missy Fancy Tripel, one of my favorite. Whitney got their version of an Arnold Palmer. It had sweet tea, lemonade, and Missy Fancy in it. That's right!! Beer inside an Arnold Palmer. Then we got one of their popular pizza pies called the "Swine Pie". It had pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. It was a little greasy but I like it that way. It is a BIG thumbs up for me, and we will be back.

 Missy Fancy is a lovely lady.

 The Arnold Palmer

 Me failing at trying to look distinguished

 Whitney loves her drink!!

 Always staying hydrated

The Swine Pie

After enjoying good food and drinks, we headed to the Alys Stephens Center for the Dream Lights event. It's a free event that showcased different kind of art pieces that some kind of light involved with it. This year's theme was about being 3D. They even had the old school 3D glasses available. There was so much there, including food trucks(shoutout to NOLA Ice). If you have nothing to do this weekend, you should go out either tonight or tomorrow(hoping it doesn't rain) and see what I saw last night.

The Parade of Lights

 Red Velvet Cake from NOLA Ice


 Yes! I do love UAB.

 Pacman(Yes, you can play it!!)

 Having a good time together!!

Our friends of Iron Giants performing

Well hoping that you get through your work day and get to enjoy your weekend with lots of fun and relaxing things!!


  1. You and your NOLA Ice!! Now I really need to try it, yum!!!

    I love ciders...but they are probably more a girly choice because of the fruity flavors. There are some that are way too sweet.

    Meegan was telling us about Post Office Pies the other day. She said it tasted better than Slice and was now I want to try it out. Slice is ok, but it is nothing impressive...that's for sure! It is more about the atmosphere on the patio than anything I suppose.

    That Pacman display/light is SOOO cool! I am a gamer nerd at heart. What can I say?!

  2. Post Office Pies is so good! I am glad other people are trying it out! Who would have thought beer in mixed drinks would taste so good?

    I've never heard of NOLA Ice, it sounds/looks delicious!

    1. I know right. Never thought a beer could be use in a cocktail. You seriously need to try NOLA Ice soon. Follow them on Twitter to see where they will be at during the week.


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