Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Four Is Better Than Two

Hey World!!! Hope you enjoyed the long weekend away from work. I know I did because I was able to have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!! I usually do not get days like this, so I made sure I took advantage of it.

On Friday, I got up and did usual routine of watching TV with Whitney before I walked with her to her car as she left for work. After she left for work, I started to clean around the apartment. Yes, you heard right!! I cleaned my place. Why would I do that at the beginning of the day? Well I was preparing for the Beer Tasting that my fiance and me had planned for some of our friends(more about this later). A lot of dusting, washing, wiping, sweeping, and anything else you can think of took place to make sure the place looked nice.

After all that cleaning, Whitney came home from work for the day. We were both hungry(me more than her). We decided to go out somewhere for lunch, and we chose one of our favorite places. Yes, you guessed right. We went to Ranelli's!! Whitney got the Pizza Sub(Pepperonis, Sauces, and Mozzarella Cheese). I got the Meatball Sub, but this time I got a large sub. I made a good decision.

Don't you want some!!

After a wonderful lunch, the two of us went to Hop City to get beers for the Beer Tasting. We had three empty growlers at home and brought them back to get the filled up. We got Southern Tier Mokah, Clown Shoes "Tramp Stamp" Belgium Tripel, and Brew Stooges Vanilla Porter(all of them were good choices). I decided to also get Southern Tier Goat Boy in a bomber(still haven't tried it yet). Once we got home, we put all of the new beers in the refrigerator.

Such a beautiful site.

After all the shopping, we got ready for the Beer Tasting. We wanted to do something fun and new that we haven't done before at our place. The rules were to bring a beer(either six pack or bomber) that you haven't tried before. This way people could try different varieties of beers that they might never heard of before. It was a huge success, and we will do this again for sure this summer. We did go to bed after all of this until 4a Saturday morning.

Saturday was pretty much a day to relax from the Beer Tasting. We both just watched TV in our PJs and ordered some Wing Zone. I did go out with my friend Jess and went to Bottletree for Neon Electric. It was a 80s themed dance party show that Birmingham Mountain Radio usually does on Friday evening. It was fun, but I was still so tired from the night before, I ended the night early.

Sunday was very nice because I didn't have to worry about work on Monday, so we stayed again and had Sonic for lunch. We also did Full Moon for dinner and had their so damn good brisket.

Monday was pretty much our Sunday, so we went to Target for some shopping. We also got ready for our dinner that we was cooking. We decided to cook Sloppy Joe and Macaroni Casserole. It was so good. Go to http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/sloppy-joe-and-macaroni-casserole.html if you want to see the recipe for it.

Prepping the sauce 

Doesn't that look good.

Now it's time for me to head to work, and get back to my daily grind. What did you decide to do for the long Memorial Day weekend? Hoping you can survive this short week and remember to always stay positive.

Much Love to you all.


  1. Oh my, your sloppy joe casserole things looks lovely! Yum!!!

    I saw Goat Boy on tap at World of Beer on Saturday night, it said it was caramel flavored with hints of banana...but I had the Wells Banana Bread and didn't want another banana-y beer that night. You will have to tell me how it is! I am a fan of Southern Tier's Creme Brulee.

    Your beer tasting party sounds super fun! What a great way to try a bunch of new beers and spend time with friends.

    Have a great week!

  2. That beer tasting party is such a good idea! May steal that from you! Your weekend looked awesome!!

  3. Have you tried Full Moon's baby back ribs?! They are delish!


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