Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday

Every Wednesday across the world, people love to post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram who their Women Crush Wednesday(or WCW for short) choice is. It could be someone they know or a celebrity or just a random person that they do not even know. Well for me, it is a no brainer on who mine would be. It is my fiance Whitney!!!

That's my baby girl.

We first met during our time in the marching band at UAB. She was in the colorguard, and I played saxophone. I used to sit by myself on the bus to the game because I was tall guy and I liked to have my space, but then she asked if she could sit next to me. Not really thinking anything about it, I said sure. After that question, we became seat buddies for the rest of the season.

Seat Buddies!!

After being seat buddies and friends for a long time, we started to grow feelings for each. We started to go a friendly dates, but never made it official. Well that would change on December 8, 2010. That was the day we finally became a couple.

I know that she was a good person to be around, but after being around more and more. I knew that was the only person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. On November 3rd, 2012(my birthday by the way), I proposed to her on the Kiss Cam during halftime at a UAB Men's Basketball game. Of course she would say Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!(A little Daniel Bryan reference there)

Now we wait until December 6, 2014 for the time when we will both say "I Do" to each other and walk together as a married. To my baby girl, I love you with all my heart and can't see my life without you.


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  2. Seems like a great woman! You made a great choice!! We need to do a double data sometime!!

  3. Well aren't you two just adorable?!


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