Thursday, May 8, 2014

#TBT: "I'm With The Band"

You never would believe it, but there are plenty of people in the world that used to be in the band during the school days. I am glad and proud to say that I was one of those "band nerds". I started in 1998 in middle school and did it in high school and at UAB as well. It's funny why I decided to get into the band. I was in elementary school, and the middle school came to us to talk about joining the band. I was not really paying any attention until they started talking about going on trips. Once they said that, I was hooked and wanted to join right then and there. I would never know then that years later it would change my life. I have been to different places such as Atlanta, Washington DC, Memphis, Orlando, New Orleans, and Philly(all thanks to being in band). I have made life long friends and found the love of my life because of band. I even able to fulfill a dream of mine and be apart of a EPIC drum major trio during my last year in band. There are soo many more memories that I know I am leaving out, so I will just show you pictures of my times in the band(both in and out of uniform).

 Horns Up!!!

 Pound for Pound(aka PfP)

 I think she likes me.

 It's A Great Day To Be A Blazer!!

 We love some KFC!!!

 The Four Horsemen. "Never Ride Alone!!!"

 "The Big Three"

 Just looking "Too Cool for School"

 "The Sound of Magic City" UAB Marching Blazers


  1. I was totally a band nerd. I played the flute in middle school and high school. When I lived in Missouri, they let the cheerleaders march in the half time show, but when I moved to Georgia that wasn't a I quit cheerleading to be in marching band. Nothing like some band camp stories with old friends.

    1. It's cool to know that there are more band nerds out there in the world. We will(and probably already do) take over the world!! LoL


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