Thursday, January 29, 2015

We Got Married!!

Many of y'all know that I got married a little over a month ago. It was a great day in my life. Most of y'all don't know how the day went. Well, not until now. I think it's finally time to tell how the wedding day went from my side. You might want to have a drink with you because this will be a long one.

Let's start it off at 2am in the morning. That correct. 2am in the morning. I just got home. You're probably wonder why so late. Well my friend, who was also the DJ for the wedding, needed a ride back home after the rehearsal dinner. This doesn't sound bad, right? Well the dinner was in Trussville. He lived in Calera. That is roughly about an hour from my parent's house in Trussville to his place in Calera. I almost forgot to mention that it was raining as well. I had no problem with doing that for him, especially since he was doing my wedding for free.

I got home about 2pm and tried to go to sleep. That wasn't going to happen right then. Plus, I didn't want to go to sleep upstairs. What did I decide to do? Sleep downstairs on the couch and watch Lockup on MSNBC(I love that show). Now it's about three hours later, and I'm waking up. It's the big day.

I clean the place up some so the place doesn't look like I slept downstairs(which I did). I took a shower and started to get dress. I looked in the mirror once I put my tux on. I smiled so hard thinking that I will be a married man in just a few hours.

While I am waiting for everyone to come along, I turned ESPN College Gameday on the television. They were getting ready for the Baylor Kansas State game. They also was going to have a segment on the whole UAB situation. You know I had to watch that.

The first guy to come to the apartment was my friend Jess(The Ginger). He asked me if I was ready, and he could tell I was for it. Then Marable, Josh, Ryan, and Joe all came later on. We all just waited patiently and watched TV until Dustin came around to take pictures of us getting ready. Dustin is awesome at taking pictures, and I was so glad he did the whole wedding day.


 My Brother and I looking good!!

Trying to do our best Godfather/Mafia pose.

Meanwhile over near Lakeshore, Whitney and her gals were preparing for the big day as well. I knew she was in good hands.

 Georgia and Whitney cracking up!!

Isn't Whitney just stunning?

Now it's time to head to Bartow for the first reveal. This is when I was getting butterflies in my stomach. Not because I was getting cold feet but because I was so ready to see how Whitney looked. Now Dustin needed a model to help see how to take the pictures. Of course Jess volunteered. Let's just say that he did the part right.

The guys were there waiting with me for the ladies to arrive. I was getting more and more nervous by the minute, and you could really tell.

This is why I had these guys as my groomsmen. They decided to just find a way to calm me down even if it was just for a little while.

Now after about 45mins of waiting, the ladies made it. Can you believe that the guys were on time? I would have thought that I would be making the guys late somehow.

This is it. The moment I was waiting for. I wanted to see her so bad. All guys was telling me not to try, and for the most part I did. I was able to hold it all in.

Once she got right behind me and touched my shoulder, it was over. For me to say I lost it would be an understatement. I cried some big boy tears. I will say though that it was all worth.

Now we was starting to run short on time. It was about 11:45, and we needed to be at the venue by 12:30 to do a last minute rehearsal. We took some quick group shots and started to head down for the venue. Oh yea, before I forget. I had to go back to the apartment to pick up the centerpieces for the tables. Yea, I forgot to get them before I left. Who's a champion? THIS GUY!!!

Okay. Now we are at Woodrow Hall(the venue for the wedding). My family was getting ready themselves. I am glad to know that even though the wedding parties were running late, my parents were not ready as well. Made me feel better about the day to be honest with ya.

I was doing some last minute checking of everything to make sure that we had everything set for the ceremony. When I say I was running around, I mean it. I just wanted to make sure that everything was going to go smoothly for this.

My dad looking open casket sharp.

Marable in his GQ stance.

 Megan was talking with me about some last minute business situations. She has been such a awesome friend.

The girls relaxing before the ceremony.

 Ava and Zsa Zsa might not been at the wedding, but they were there in spirit form.

Everything is set. The guest have arrived. The music is playing. We are all ready for the big moment. It's time for a wedding to happen. I know I saw Whitney earlier in the day in her dress but seeing her walk down the aisle was just breathtaking. I felt like it was all a dream. No Ralph!! It's reality.

Pastor Bryant was awesome. So glad he was able to do my wedding!!

 Whitney's Mom and Brother

 My Mom and Dad

 Here she comes!!

 So happy for her dad to trust me with his baby girl.

 We had so many people that care and love us at the wedding.

 Seal it with a kiss.

 Yea. I think we are both happy.

 The NEEEWWW Mr. and Mrs. Marion

Of course Josh would be leaving styling and profiling.

The ceremony went incredibly smooth. It took only seven minutes for everything to happen. I was so happy that Whitney and I finally became a married couple. My mom came after the ceremony was over and gave me the biggest hug in life. I could tell she was happy for me(and for herself because she finally has a daughter now).

Many things happened after the ceremony. Lots of hugs were given.

Some dancing went took place on the floor.

Can't forget about all of the pictures that were taken. I mean there were plenty of pictures taken during this time. Good bit of them were with the family.

Don't worry though. There were plenty of friends that had pictures taken with.

And of course, you had the new husband and wife taken some pictures alone.

All in all, this is a day I will never forget. I had the greatest time with family and friends and was able to tell the woman I love that I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I would not change a thing about the day. From all the laughing, crying, running, and worrying, everything happen for a reason. It was such an awesome day.

Dustin Gilmore: Photographer
Darius Reed: DJ
Dreamcakes Bakery: Wedding Cake
Woodrow Hall: Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue
John's City Diner: Food

Thanks to those people for making the wedding day so awesome!!
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