Friday, January 2, 2015

Strangers Do Care

It's 2015! I know I am a day late in saying that, but better late than never. Hope you was able to bring in the new year in a fun and safe way. I know I did. I worked most of the night, and then I was able to make it home in time to be with the wifey to bring in the new year. I was able to spend time with someone I love and care about, and we plan to make every day special as possible. That's awesome, right? Well something else happened that night that made even more awesome.

Like I stated earlier, I was working at John's for NYE. We had tons of reservations for the evening. You would think it would be crazy busy, but it was actually very steady. I was so surprised about it. Well anyway, I was talking with most of my tables(they were all cool folks). Most of them were going out to party or just wanted to stop by for a bite to eat.

Well then a group of six people(around my age) were sat in my section. They looked liked your standard group of 20-somethings that looked like they were about to party the night away. I gave them the usual talk about drinks and our specials that we were doing for the evening. They placed their orders and everything was cool.

The food started to come out, and they looked so ready to get into it. I asked them was there anything else they needed. They said no. They also said, "We are about to pray. Is there anything you want us to pray for you about?" I paused. I knew what they said, but I just wanted to make sure. I asked them, "What did you say?" They said, "We are about to pray. Is there anything you want us to pray for you about?" The look on my face had to be priceless. I never in my life would think some random strangers would care about what I am going through much less ask to pray for me and my life. I was soo moved and touched by that. I told them to pray that I made it through the night(which I did) and that Whitney and I have an awesome 2015 together. They prayed about the food, prayed for me, anything else they asked for, and began to eat their food.

I went to the back and thought about the moment that just happened. I almost wanted to cry. After a moment, I went back to that table to make sure everything with the meal was good. They all loved it. Once I knew they were enjoying the food, I told them how appreciative I was about them praying for me. Even though I was wasn't going through any "bad" moments, it still meant so much to me that they prayed about my life.

After a while, they asked when I got married. I told them about when I got married and the whole wedding day. I then found out that a couple had been married for six months. That's pretty cool. They looked like they were very much in love(just like Whitney and I). I also learned that the wife was in colorguard as well(like Whitney). Small world, huh?

Well everyone finished eating, paid out, and went on into the night for New Years. Once I got their checks and looked to see how much of a tip everyone left, I saw a note on one of the tickets. It was from the couple. They said congrats on the marriage and hope they we had many year of married bliss together. They also tipped very well. The crazy thing about it was, I didn't care about the money so much. They truly cared that I was happy with my marriage and life. They was the best moment of the whole night.

This comes to show that people you don't know do care about you. You might not ever see them again, but for the one moment in your life there are strangers that truly hope that good things happen in your life. As we go through this new year remember to be kind to everyone you see. Remember to smile when you can. Remember that we are all on this earth to be happy and helpful. Make everyday awesome not just for you but for everyone around you.

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  1. Sounds like you were the one that was served on NYE :) Isn't it funny how random strangers can really move you? Best wishes for you and Whitney in 2015!!!!


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