Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stepping Into Someone Else's World

I have not been doing this blogging stuff long, as many of you know. I am always trying to learn more about what to do with my page, how to improve, and how to let more people know about my world. Something that I've thought about doing is writing a guest post on another blogger's page. Pretty try to do a collaboration.

This sounds like it would be a good idea, right? I mean, it would help other readers(outside from my own) get to know who I am. It will also be a great way for networking and learning some new stuff from other writers.

My only problem is actually doing it. What I mean by this is trying to see if anyone would be willing to let me write a post on their blog. Most of the bloggers that I know are females, which me most of them have completely different style than me. I don't know if their readers would be able to relate to what I have to say.

I do follow some guy bloggers. I know a couple I could work with and be fine with. Others not so much. Not saying that they are bad writers. Just saying that I do not think my style would fit their blog.

Now I come to the question, what do I do? Should I still try to guest blog on other writers' pages that are not similar to my style, or should I stick around my area of bloggers and gain more from there?

What would you do in my position? Leave a comment telling me what you think I should do? Also, if you have any ideas of ways I could build up my blog I would really appreciate it.

The weekend is almost here. Who's going to the circus this weekend? I hope I can make it out to it.


  1. I think guest posting on another person's blog is a great idea. I would pick a topic to talk about. A lot of times I skip over guest posts if the person is just talking about themselves...but if they are giving tips on facts on a certain topic. then I tend to stick around. Perhaps you could guest post on your five favorite beers. Or if you are guest posting on a girls blog, maybe give your wedding experience from a guy's prospective or advice from a guy or something.

    I would love to have you guest post on my blog with any of those topics.

  2. Brett is a Birmingham guy, and he writes over at What's In My Cooler about beer:

    So I think he'd be a great fit for a guest post or collaboration. I know Brett from college and he's getting married in a week or two so he'll be a little busy, but hit him up when he's back from his honeymoon! Good luck!


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