Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was my day off from work, and I was able to relax. Not only that, I was able to have some fun and spend time with Whitney. First thing I did was play some Xbox360. Got to play NCAA Football 2014 with UAB as my team of choice(#FreeUAB).

After that, Whitney and I thought about dinners we was gonna cook for the week. We used the Yummly app to some get ideas(if you never used it, you should). Through some of the stuff, I saw a recipe for a margarita. I wanted to get one. Sooo, Whitney and I decided that we would go to La Paz and get some chimichangas and margaritas. Yay!!!

First though, we had to have breakfast. She decided to fix bacon for herself. That's right. Just bacon. Don't judge!! I decided to have smoked sausage and a beer. Not just any beer though. This was the French Toasted Coffee Oatmeal Wake-N-Bake from Terrapin. Pretty much just think of breakfast in a bottle. It was delicious!!!

After killing that glass and eating some delicious sausage and bacon(Whitney let me have some), we got dressed and started our day out of the apartment. We went to Big Lots and K-Mart to look for some frames for our wedding pictures(blog about wedding day coming later this week). Sadly, we did not get any frames, but we did get a couple of Snoopy dolls for my collection. If you don't know already, I am a big Peanuts fan.

After some shopping, it was time for lunch. We went to La Paz in Mountain Brook for lunch. I love this place. They have some of the best Mexican food around in the city, in my opinion.

We sat down and looked at the margarita menu. I got my usual Papa Grande(the top self marg), and Whitney got the Blackberry Margarita. I tried some of hers. I have to say that I actually liked. I might try to get it next time, but I will get my on the rocks. I hate frozen margaritas.

We once we got a little booze into our system, it was time to order food. We both got the Build Your Own Combo. She went with a Chicken Chimichanga and Chili Relleno, and I got two Beef Chimichangas with the cheese sauce on top. I was in heaven!!!

 This was mine!!!

 Whitney's Plate

So now that we have our Mexican fix for the day, we just drove around and listened to NPR on the radio. We used to do this all the time when we was dating, so we thought why not do it today(plus it was a nice day outside). After about 30mins. of just driving around, we got to 280 near The Summit. We both decided that it was probably time to go ahead and shop for some groceries. We also decided to look for some Crispy M&Ms since they are back in stores(thanks Nadine).

Whitney was happy about this.

So lets see. We shopped, ate, drove around, shopped some more. I think our day our was done. We decided to go get some Chinese at the Great Wall and bring it home with us. The Royal Rumble was coming on. One bad thing happened though. We got caught in the rain. Luckily for us, we didn't have much to bring in from our shopping adventure.

Finally inside(and in comfy dry clothes), we prepared for some WWE action. Sadly, it was not a good PPV. Luckily we only paid $9.99 a month for this, so we didn't get too upset.

All in all, I have to say that our Sunday date was a huge success. We might have to do this again next weekend. We shall see.

Hope your week starts off awesome!!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day off!!! La Paz is one of my favorites too and I haven't been in awhile. I need to go soon! That breakfast beer sounds really interesting too!

    I am so glad that Whitney found the Crispy M&M's! I had a few people get mad at me for tempting them with such goodies. I had to share the news though!!!


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