Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Service With A Smile

Disclaimer: The thoughts and beliefs of this post is strictly how I feel and no one else.

When you go to a restaurant, what do you usually go for? The food? Drinks? Atmosphere? Service? All the above? All of those are good reasons.

With me being a server, I always want to make sure you are having a good time. From the time you enter til you step out, I want everyone to feel like they are around friends. I also want to make sure that you have fun with me. Eating good food is good, but if you are not enjoying your stay then it's really not a good time.

Now, I've only been serving for close tons year now. I am no way saying that I am the best or greatest server in the universe. I just know what works for me. I always like to treat my customers the same way I want to be if I was in their situation. Treating people with respect and just making sure they feel comfortable is how I treat my people.

Now everyone that I have might not always be the nicest folks in the world, and that is okay. They will still get the same service from me no matter of they are rude to me or not. You will still a genuine greet and a big smile from me.

Now when you see me at work, I'm usually having fun. Sometimes it could be me singing to the songs, or it could be me dancing around the restaurant. I just want you to know that eating at a restaurant doesn't have to be so serious.

For me, getting a big tip isn't always the most important thing about the night. Don't get me wrong, I need to make money. It's when I know that my table loved the service that I gave them and leaves a comment card stating that, those are the things I like to hear.

So the next time you go out remember to have fun when you go out. Whoever your server is, be somewhat interactive with them, and always make sure to let them know how they did. Most importantly, remember that tips are usually the only way they make a living. So please make sure to tip your server(this includes bartenders if you are at the bar).

Enjoy your next food adventure, and hopefully I can be able to serve you soon!!

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  1. I love when I have a server/bartender who is friendly and laid back. It certainly does make the dining experience much more enjoyable! Chris and I usually make friends with our bartenders because....those are the kind of friends you should always have!


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