Monday, August 3, 2015

Take Your Own Advice

I would like to think that I am a good friend. Usually when a friend is in trouble, I try to be there for them. I know I can't always be there for them physically; however, if I can be able to help give advice or tell them what I think of a situation, I will. Last week was prime example of that.

I have a friend who I haven't talked to in a while. We was just catching up with lost time and what not. I asked how life been treating them, and she informed me that it's not like how she wished it could be. Found out her relationship with her boyfriend is not going as well as planned. Now I felt bad for her because it was similar to how my pervious relationship was like before I met Whitney. If you know how that relationship was, you know it was not a good one.

I told her that if she isn't happy and have so much doubt that she needs to leave. It's not always easy to leave a relationship, especially if you tried so hard to get things right with them. After that long talk, she understood where I was coming from. Then we got into talking about stuff going on for me. I told her that married life has been awesome (as y'all already know), but I'm not as happy with where I am at in life. Talked about how I am trying to do things, but nothing is clicking like I wish they could.

She kept on telling me that things will get better. She known me for about five years, and she knows how much I have done in my life. She told me that if I was able to leave my bad relationship and get such a wonderful person like Whitney in my life, I could easily get out of my situation. The crazy thing about this is that I have told plenty of people the same thing.

Like I said before, I usually am good on giving people some good advice. Not saying that I am always right but I do help out as much as I can. It's just sometimes I don't take my own advice when I need it in my life. I always have dreams or things I want to do, but I put them to the side because I feel like I have to do the "responsible" things.

Then I read this Daily Grit written by Stephanie Davis. In it she talked about how she wanted to do photography for magazines, but she decided not to follow her dream and just go for the reasonable things in life. She went on doing other things when a friend informed her that a magazine was looking for interns, and she jumped on that in a instant.

I know I have always told people to follow their dreams, and things will get better. Why haven't I followed that same advice? I've always felt scared about going for them, but I know that I CAN do it. I am a very successful person, but I have fallen a few times. The good thing about me is that no matter how many times I have went down, I have gotten up more times. I think that I can really say that now more than ever is gonna be the time when I actually do something for me. I'm not gonna worry about what people might think about it, but I will do this to make me happy. I deserve to have great things in my life, and I deserve to follow my dreams. They might not come to me by the end of the week, but I do know that I will one day be able to say that went for my dreams and got them all. Taking your own advice can be hard times, but it's always the best thing to do.

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