Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tell My Story

Since the beginning of this year, my blog has been doing well. People are reading it and telling me how they enjoy it. I love that I'm getting people to check this out, but I feel weird about it. I feel that people are getting to know me, but I still feel there is more than I am leaving out. You are probably wondering what I mean.

I am not saying there is a deep, dark secret I am hiding from the world. I am not living a secret life. I just feel like this blog is like my book. You are opening up a book of my life. This book goes through all of my thoughts and activities, and that is what I feel I am leaving out. My thoughts on some stuff are not being brought out in this book.

I feel like with me being a male blogger, I have to stick to a certain style. You know what I mean. I should write about sports, music, men's fashion, food, beer, or stuff related to guys. Now do not get me wrong because I do like most of the stuff I mention, but I am not your average everyday guy that you society thinks a guy should be like.

I am a guy that thinks somewhat differently than most. I am not the most macho man in the world. I am not fixing cars or shooting guns. I am nowhere near a handy man, and I can't say that driving a pickup truck is my thing. Then again, that is thing. I am my own type of guy. That's my story I want to share to the world.

Maybe this will mean I will rebrand this blog. Maybe this might mean that Ralph's Birmingham will be no more. I don't have all the answers now. I do have one answer though. I will be sharing my world and my side story to you more. I want to talk about things that happen in my life that not everyone understand. I know there are other folks in the world who understand my points, and others who might not. At least we can have conversation and build a community around these things.

Tell me what you think about this idea. Do you understand where I am coming from, or do you think I am just loosing it? I want to know should I tell more about what I am thinking and how I feel about things, or should I just stick to what I have been doing the past. I would love to hear your advise and suggestions.

Many thanks to you all for sticking around for this long. More of my life will be coming to you soon. Just stick around to see what comes around.

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  1. I think that this is your blog and you should do what you want!!! I dont even think you need to rebrand yourself. Ralph's Birmingham is just how YOU do Birmingham. Be it going out and grabbing a beer or talking about the dinner you and your wife shared last week. You can come here and talk about your thoughts and the little goings on and we are going to be here to listen. I certainly feel that the bloggers that do best, are the ones that share their true personality. You just come here and be you! You rock!


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