Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's Me!!!

Hello world!!! My name is Rafael, but everyone calls me Ralph.

This is my first time in doing a blog, and I am very excited about this new journey I will be taking. Now here are just a few things about myself. I am born and raised from Birmingham, AL, but I have lived in different areas of Birmingham. I am a big fan of music, sports, wrestling, beer, and just anything that seems fun. I am engaged to a beautiful woman named Whitney. We have two little kitties, that we love so much. I like to say that I am into what happens around town but not as much I as want to.

Now you are probably wondering what will I talk about in my blog post. Here is the answer: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!! I am not looking to be the next big thing because I do not see myself being more important than anyone else. My plan in this blog is just to let you into my life and see what I do around the city of Birmingham.

Well I think this was pretty good for my first blog. Many more will be coming your way. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to hear you all very soon.

Much Love,

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