Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You'll Never Ride Alone

Do you have a group of friend you hang out a lot with? Do y'all have a particular group name that people remember you by? Well, I can answer this question very easily.

See, I am a part of a group of friends that have done a lot of things around the campus of UAB. We have done a lot of things for the UAB Band program as well. There is a group of four saxophone males(me include) that were some of the loudest and rowdiest fan ever to come to any UAB sporting event. Our names were Jess, Marable, Josh, and Ralph, but everyone(at least in the band) knew us as "The Four Horsemen".

The Four Horsemen

Quick explanation how I met each guy:

Jess: Met him during a high school football game when he first started at UAB and during my senior year in high school

Marable: The two of us first met during Student Orientation and found out that both of us were saxophone players and in the band together.

Josh: We first met in band when we was in high school

All four of us have been friends for almost a decade now(Josh and I a little longer than that). We have traveled to so many place and made a lot of noise during games. People know who we are when we are together, and it's because of the good things we all did during our time together. Even though now we are all doing our own thing, we still get together and remember the times we had. The legacy of The Four Horsemen will always live on even when we leave this earth, and I am so glad to say that I have three friends that always have my back(and it's the same way for them from me). When you're a Horsemen, you will never ride alone!!!

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  1. How fun! I don't get to really see the people I went to high school/college with. I lived in GA during that time and now we are all spread out.


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