Monday, April 13, 2015

From Across the Pond

Since I started blogging I have met soo many different people. Most of them are from Birmingham. The I will usually get to meet a person from across the pond in London. Today you get to meet one of those people as well. Her name is Angela, and her blog's name is The Awkward Blog. She is pretty cool and laid back lady(if I do say so myself). Today, you will get know her from a quick little interview I did with her. So ladies and gents, here is Angela.

1. For the people who don't know you, tell them about your blog?

Well, firstly- HI! I'm Angela, a London based blogger and freelance writer person, and I write the Awkward Blog. I write about anything and everything, so I consider it to be a 'lifestyle' blog for the sake of having a box to tick- there's a lot about food, fun things to do or see in London, and personal essays. 

2. So you are from across the pond. What is one thing you want the people of America to know about your love of London?

You know that scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Paul Rudd's character exclaims "You sound like you're from LANDAN!" Cracks me up everytime! London is my home and like any city it's fast paced, eclectic and so diverse; apparently every language in the world is spoken in London. I love it all; there's always somewhere and some place new to explore. My blog is a London journal of sorts; it's everything I encounter in this maddening city. Also, fish and chips isn't a thing here. Go to the seaside for that. 

3. You will be a newlywed soon. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Are you ready for the big day?

Thanks! No and also, yes! Wedding planning, that's a little bubble of 'fun' no one tells you about! I can't wait for the big day, but the lead up and organisation has been so stressful. I have learnt that a wedding is not your day, but everyone else's day! My fiance and I have been together for 12 years, so for us it's not a huge deal in the commitment sense, we just want everyone to have fun at the end of the day. 

4. I've notice that you have done a lot of post on going out to different restaurants. What is your favorite food to eat, and what kind of adult drink do you tend to go for?

Vodka. Hands down my favourite beverage after hours. I usually have it with Coke or lemonade. Wine and gin are nice from time to time, but they give me headaches really quickly so only in moderation. In Summer, my favourite drink - and it's a British thing, I think- is Pimms. It's a gin based liqueur and you mix it with lemonade, sliced oranges, strawberries and cucumbers and it's the most refreshing drink ever. 

Food wise- I've been to many a fancy restaurant but I'm probably happiest when it's kept simple. I grew up in Asia so street food is like a home comfort to me; buying fruit from a cart and munching it on the beach, or grabbing a bunch of sticky chicken satay skewers on the way home. The best pho I ever had was in Thailand from a street cart, by the side of a road. I'm so happy that the street food scene in London has blown up! My favourite thing at the moment are steamed bao buns. Those little pillowy pockets of deliciousness are a weak spot. 

5. You are not just a blogger, but you are a freelance writer. Is there any difference between the two or do they have any similarities?

I feel like there is a difference. On the blog, I can say what I like and be as chatty and off topic as I like. But when it's a post or a job, you have to take into consideration that company's tone of voice and keep within their brand. It's just like minding your P's and Q's in front of relatives versus blowing a raspberry at your sibling.

6. Last one. If you have a chance to come to the states, what state would you like to visit and why?

We're actually looking into having our honeymoon stateside! I've always wanted to visit Hawaii and Robin has always wanted to go to San Francisco, so there's a possibility of a west coast road trip of some sort later this year. Id love to see the giant Redwoods in Yosemite too. But I'd also love to explore the South; a friend of mine lives in New Orleans, and I'd like to check out Nashville too. We made it to New York a couple of years ago, but never got further than Brooklyn. In an ideal world, I'd love to have a few weeks just exploring America- every State seems to have it's own identity that I want to see and get to know better.

Thanks to Angela for taking time out of her day to do this. You should go over to her blog, The Awkward Blog, and learn more about her. You can follow her on Instagram @theawkwardblog and on Twitter @theawkwardblog. Make sure you tell her that Ralph sent ya!!

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